how to eliminate cuticles!


Nail biting and have a thick, dry skin around the nails are the two main causes of cuticles. Here’s how to eliminate them!

Sometimes this habit of nail-biting can lead to inflammation, the skin around the nail swells and redness occurs at the cuticles. If the inflammation is not treated early, it can spread and cause severe pain.
Cuticles are unsightly and can be real nests bacteria when our hands are lacking care.

How to remove cuticles and take care of his hands?

  1. To remove cuticles, it is preferable that the wetting of skin, for dry skin is prone to cracking, so the injury. You can also use petroleum jelly to soften.
  2. Once softened, you can eliminate the cuticle located in the root of the nail with a specific clip or a simple wooden toothpick. Avoid using nail kit from someone else, as this can lead to an exchange of bacteria.
  3.  If you have inflammation at the cuticle, it is best to carefully remove excess dry skin around. Then clean the skin with soap and moisturize the nails and hands with a cream.
  4.  If your irritated and red skin surrounding the nail causes you itching, this indicates that this zone comprises bacteria and fungi. If the itching does not stop even if you wash your hands, remember to disinfect your nails and hands with hydrogen peroxide.
  5. You must stop biting your nails. Your diet should be balanced and rich in omega-3 fatty acids, protein, calcium and zinc for optimal growth of the nails.
  6.  Avoid washing your hands too frequently. Limit maximum use of  aggressive products. If you happen to be in contact with, remember to moisturize your hands and nails regularly with a moisturizer.

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